Neuroshima Hex! Portalcon tournament!

  1. Time and place of tournament gameplay

The Neuroshima Hex! tournament will be played from 12:00 a.m. EST on July 12th 2020 on platform and

  1. Terms of participation
  • The player must have an account on these free platforms: and
  • The player must know Neuroshima Hex! Rules
  • The player must register to till 5:00 a.m. EST in 12th July 2020
  • Registration form should include in title “PORTALCON_TOURNAMENT” and The player’s name/nick on Discord platform.
  • The player has to be present on the Discord on the Portal Games server from 11:45 a.m. EST on 12th July 2020 In TOURNAMENT section #tournament-announcements – in the Tournament tab there will be pairs drawing (#pairing), paired opponents communication (on voice chat or private messages) and reporting the results (#report-results)
  1. Tournament organization
  • The tournament is played in the Swiss formula – the players will be paired to each other on the basis of the previous matches results. In the first round the matchup will be random.
  • The tournament predicts 4 matches in the Swiss formula, and after the Swiss system rounds 4 best players will be promoted to the next round. Then the semifinals will be played (4th place with 1st place, and 2nd place with 3rd place from Swiss table), then final round match for the 3rd place and match for 1st place.
  • Each match should last 40 mins for a game and 10 mins for players’ connection issues on Discord and Tabletopia.
  • Each player should be up-to-date with the updated information on Portal Games server of the platform in the #tournament_ announcement tab.
  •  In the #pairings tab at designated times information about people playing in the given round and about the table number which is assigned to them will appear. Those players should contact each other on the server – the players should use a voice chat with the number of the assigned table or write privately.
  • The player on the left side of the pairs chart creates a room on Tabletopia with the Neuroshima Hex! Game and sends their opponent a link to join the game in a private message on Discord.
  • Next the player on the left side of the pairs chart chooses which army they are going to play – and they put this chosen army in the chat on Tabletopia.
  • The opponent chooses one of the remaining armies and the game begins. Player who was first to choose the army begins the game (places the HQ on the Board
  • In the case when the players won’t finish the match within 40 mins, the given player’s round is finished, then his opponent’s round, and after that the Last Battle is played.
  • The winner of the game must write the final result in the report_results tab in the format:

[chosen_army] [Discord_nick] XX:XX [Discord_nick] [chosen_army]
where XX is the number of strength points at the end of the game.

  • In the case of any conflicts the players can ask for a judge’s help in the #ask_the_judge tab.
  1. Technical information
  • The players will be noted in the pairs chart with their nicks from account.
  • In the case when one from the paired players doesn’t respond and up to 10 mins from giving the pairs the players cannot start the game on Tabletopia, then the player who doesn’t respond is treated as the loser in this match, and the toughness points are put into the chart as 0:0
  • In the case when one of the paired players has problems with Internet connection and up to 10 mins the players cannot start the game on Tabletopia or the game will be disconnected, then the player with the problematic connection is treated as the loser in this match, and the toughness points are put into a chart as 0:0 or if active player wins in the current situation and has counted toughness points from tabletopia.