Neuroshima Hex Tournament


We know you are loving Neuroshima Hex all around the globe… It’s time to have an ultimate clash! Bring your Moloch’s machines, and Borgo’s fast mutants, let’s have a Battle!

We invite you to take a part in our Neuroshima Hex Tournament which will take place on the Discord and Tabletopia platforms during our convention.

Tournament will start at 12:00 a.m. EST on 12th July 2020.
It will consist of 4 rounds of Swiss format and then top 4 final matches.

Each round takes 10 mins for connection online on platforms and 40 mins for a game.

To take a part in the tournament you have to know Neuroshima Hex! rules, have an account on, on, and register by sending an email to

Registration closes at 5:00 a.m. EST 12th July 2020.

To register write an email with the title “PORTALCON_TOURNAMENT” and your Discord nickname.

You will receive a link to our Discord Server to the mail address which you will contact us with. There is a tab on the Portal Games server called TOURNAMENT, there you will check pairings for a match, contact your opponent, and write down your results.

Check our Discord Code of Conduct
For more informations check statute: