Portal Games invites you to watch PortalCon 11 livestream!

Portal Games would like to invite you to participate in the 11th annual PortalCon for fans of Portal Games, by watching our livestream of the event. Portalcon is a two day convention for fans and press to meet the Portal Games team, play their favorite Portal Games products, and demo prototypes of upcoming games. This year’s convention will be held on January, 26th at the Spirala Club in Gliwice, Poland.

“We have some big surprises in store for our fans,” said CEO Ignacy Trzewiczek who hosts a keynote speech each year detailing upcoming releases. Fans who are unable to attend the convention will be able to watch the keynote presentation live on YouTube at 4:00pm CET on Saturday, January 26th. You can find the stream at: https://youtu.be/cpjavCj0QPA

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